Time changes. Times change. Love endures. Music lives on.

As changing times have led the world to practise social distancing, entertainment from music, theatre, film, art, fashion and sporting events have explored safe new ways to keep fans delighted. Whilst observing necessary health protocols, live music and stage performances are adapting to meet the needs of audiences. Doremi presents the live music and enthralling concerts that eager audiences pay top dollar for wherever you are.. With your partner, family or in a small groups, the joy of the music concert is only a click and subscription away. In 2020's new normal of social distancing for health and safety, it is even more important to connect with the hearts of those dear to us wherever they are.

Music is the food of love.

What better way to connect through music than to share in the live performances of our favourite stars, and enjoy the same music at the same time with our friends and worldwide network. You and those dear to you can to respond to the same sights and sounds of performers; you experience the same stimuli in the same moment with your lover, family and friends from different locations on the globe simultaneously.

Just log on, subscribe and enjoy!

Just log on, subscribe and enjoy! And dont forget to invite your partner and group to join in for a good time.

Doremi transmits live from a selection of indoor and outdoor stages at Eden in McCarthy Hill. Eden is the exotic location for performances where open air stages offer you breath-taking aerial views of the Atlantic ocean, the largest man-made salt lake in West Africa and a 180 degree view of Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

Doremi is the brainchild of multiple-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, African music icon and Afro Pop legend The Maestro Kojo Antwi. Since the introduction of his high-demand live concerts which have become a staple on the cultural calendar of his motherland Ghana, Mr Music Man, as he is endearingly called by fans, has been at the forefront of staging great shows for eager, discerning audiences. Fans travel from around the world to be at the special-themed Kojo Antwi experiences year in year out on 24th Night. Live concerts, festivals and specials Mr Music Man (M3) produces and performs at are exciting musical spectacles worth seeing over again with your lover or family and friends. Through the creation of Doremi, the rich, melodious music of The Maestro Kojo Antwi will be available for you to just click, subscribe and enjoy. There is also a wealth of new talent, enthusiastic hit-makers and sassy showbiz personalities to experience in the comfort of your home, office or resort.

Doremi is powered by Freedom Family Entertainmen